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XPOEMSX "Hermione The Seagull" 8" square lathe cut


3 song lathe cut 8" on clear vinyl with full color sleeve printed on heavy bond paper, cover painting by the artist Susan Duby. comes packaged with a typed copy of the novella-in-progress Hermione The Seagull, by Eric de Jesus, to be read and enjoyed.

tracks are as follows:
1.Hermione On The Deck Of The Ship In The Sun
2.Triumphant Eyes To See Through
3. What Hermione Saw

This set of psychedelic loops functions as a sort of soundtrack to the unfinished, novella-in-progress Hermione The Seagull by Eric de Jesus
He spun loops off the top of his head while an iphone was catching them in voice recorder. Sean Byrne (LAZY SALON, TWIN ATLAS, LENOLA, etc.) tweaked and produced them. and added bits of percussion and guitar and drones, all during the long strange Summer of Covid.

the novella:

“This Is What Hermione Saw

She few upwards into the clouds for what seemed like forever they were so tall. Droplets of moisture continually colllected on her skyward face and beak, and on the forward edges of her wings. it started weighing her down so much moisture collected. but she was able to drink lots and lots of fresh water, which, because the makeshift desalination apparatus iI’d fashioned was only able to collect single pints at a time, being jerry-rigged out of broken wine bottles and squares of material snipped out of the sleeves of the sleeping sailors with a pocket knife, was an accidental benefit.
She cllimbed and climbed for miles until the clouds suddenly gave way to a ceiling of stars upon stars. It was like surfacing for air in the middle of the ocean in the middle of the night. The air was thin but orgone blue & sparkling. She could breathe easily again. And she could finally level out and glide along, pulled by the mass of the clouds which made their own wearher and gravity, not wasting precious energy flapping her tired wings anymore.
She followed the ancient diagonal of Orion's Belt in the northeasterly direction it pointed. She knew it had to be pointing toward some destination. And it was. After a day of silently gliding along and looking around for whorls in the clouds below which signified some kind of terra firma that could disturb the flow of clouds above, she spied an island and dove down toward it.
She saw the outline of an island in the middle of the sea. But it seemed somehow to be moving. She flew lower and saw that it was an island of medium size, with khaki beaches around it and a hilltop full of fruiting pear trees and figs at the center, surrounded in rings by swaying swathes of rye, winter wheat and dandelions shining gold green and silver in the light reflected off the white underside of the clouds.
and she realized much to her astonishement that ithis island was indeed moving! It was being slowly pulled across the surface of the sea by one hundred magnificent sea turtles, reigned around their terrapin shells by great braided ropes pulled taut and tensioned to monolithic standing stones sunk deep in the ground where the sand of the beaches gave way to the vegetation in the topsoil above the bedrock of the island. They swam with grace and swam as one, like a rowing crew on a racing shell down The River Isis. The great turtles were not in distress or servitude, but were joyous and earnest, and they one after another looked up at Hermione and smiled with their eyes as she circled above them, saying 'Hello there seagull friend, nice day for travelling isnt it."