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WE WONT BE HERE FOREVER (2nd edition) by Eric de Jesus


THIS IS THE NEW IMPROVED 2ND EDITION OF WE WON'T BE HERE FOREVER (2014), with a newly redesigned cover and different paper stock.

70+ page novel with illustrations by the author throughout.
the narrative deals with love, longing, mystery, hex signs, ufos, creeps, beauty, men & women, escaping the dying city, escaping family oppression, PA Dutch magik and being surrounded by 100 strange cats.
the 2nd edition comes with a link to stream the fantastic soundtrack CD (commissioned just for this project) by avant music geniuses MINUS PILOTS from the UK. the music and the book were written separately but were meant to be experienced simultaneously.
WE WONT BE HERE FOREVER was originally released in full color hardback edition by the Future Recordings label, an edition which has been long sold out (within a few months of its release).
this is the soft cover AMERICAN TYPEWRITER second edition.


"...collaboration between Eric de Jesus and Minus Pilots. That's right folks, not only do you get an album's worth of shape-shifting electronica, you also get a book which the music forms a soundtrack to. To quote from the press release, which has to be unique in underplaying the astonishing quality of the product, the book contains a “long story or a short novella written by Eric de Jesus in Philadelphia.” And quite a piece of writing it is too, with a plain, straightforward narrative stye reminiscent at times of Raymond Carver."

"I knew nothing about American writer Eric de Jesus prior to hearing him perform at the Editions of You ‘zine fair in Oxford on Saturday. There he read sections from this new novella, his words backed by electric guitar and drums, creating music which looped and cascaded while de Jesus spoke. The effect was so hypnotic that I didn’t catch all of what was being said, but what I did hear was enough to make me want to find out more. Not one regret. In a span of seventy pages or so de Jesus weaves a beautifully balanced sense of place and atmosphere; his uncomplicated prose tunnelling straight into the brain. The narrative reads like a memory or a daydream, straightforward at the time, but in retrospect full of gaps and strangeness."

"Fabulous sound and word collaboration here from two strangers to my eyes and ears.
I'm sure it won't surprise you that of the two names up there in the title it's Minus Pilots who are the musical half of the partnership making a softly psychedelic cascade of delay drenched bass guitar. There's not greatest amount of tonal variety between the tracks on offer here as Minus Pilots seem to have a very particular sound / vibe / whatever that they / he / she / it is very keen on maintaining throughout the recording. It's a good vibe to keep though and it's one that belies it's source material.
The words are OK. It's not really to my tastes (I like pulp novels) so I'm going to avoid talking about it too much but de Jesus has a personable voice on the page and the story he tells is nicely matched to the sounds."

"As exquisitely packaged a release as we’ve had the pleasure of seeing for an age, so gorgeous looking in fact that since it arrived at our gaff we’ve simply marvelled at it in the process almost afraid to open it for fear of damaging it delicate detailing. quite frankly you need this in your life like yesterday. The release itself sees the collaborative experimental union of Philadelphia based writer Eric de Jesus and UK ambi-post rockers Minus Pilots. The background to it goes like this - having published his short novella Eric de Jesus commissioned Minus Pilots to craft a CD to accompany his narrative. 76 pages in length the novella comes housed as an attractively tied and silk screened soft bound book replete with full colour illustrations to include the CD which itself arrives in its own card stock silk screen sleeve. I’m suspecting this is the first time we’ve featured Minus Pilots in these occasional observations, the band have already wowed the more tuned in cognoscenti courtesy of their ‘superior proof of cinema’ full length a few years back via panic arrest. They describe their sonic serenades as being ‘designed for listening through headphones while gazing at the stars’ which admirable as they are for summing matters up succinctly is akin to having your own dog and barking. I use the term sonic serenades deliberately because that’s what in essence these delightfully dinked and dainty 10 track trance odyssey. the mood part melancholic is traced with a spacious calming detachment, the echoing florets - seemingly a trademark detail - woo and caress with a hypnotic slight of hand its almost like sonar ripples reverberating outwards in wave forms resulting from a clipping riff disturbing the sedate sonic status quo. Add to this the subtle use of clicks, crackles and scratches and a warming intimacy curdles the equation - all said perhaps make your first port of call upon embarking this orbital excursion the forlorn cosmic call signing ‘we are your escape vehicle’ such spectral harmonic beauty is a rare thing. As to ‘we won’t be here forever’ - a master class in lazy eyed lunar lullabies. Exquisite."


06/02/12 6pm End of an Ear
2209 S. 1st, Austin, TX 78704

jon vance wrote the coolest lyrics in the world while in the seminal MOSS ICON. and he is still kicking to this day. if yr in austin texas for MOSS ICON's big spiritual reunion communion at the Chaos in Tejas fest, please stop in the evening before their show at End Of An Ear and see him read from his book Tulip Has A Room. Tonie from MI will be doing the quiet-cool backing soundtrack.

eric de jesus from WHH wrote We Won't Be Here Forever (on Future Recordings label / soft cover edition on American Type:Writer). a new record of him reading 2 story/poems about the classic emo year of 1988, backed by DRAGON TURTLE, is soon out on

TULIP HAS A ROOM by Jon Vance:


MOSS ICON (these have to be some of the best lyrics ever written by a young American male):



please come by and say hi! drink the red wine emo.........