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***SOLD OUT*** WE HAVE HEAVEN "feel the power" LP (caesar cuts/easy split release)


OUT NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

W,H,H "feel the power" LP
split release on the caesar cuts label & easy subcult.

this is the long awaited debut full length LP from lehigh valley pennsylvania psych drone thrashers WE HAVE HEAVEN.
4 psychedelic jammers that will levitate you from Here to There immediately. one features rachel lambdin's teleportive violin, another features renee uzardi's classical tabla. they all feature david kresge and eric de jesus's spaced-out and looped guitars & kyle page's hot shot avant drumming. these songs go from mellow, beautiful and loud, to loud, louder, loudest and beautifulest, like watching a sky full of weather crescendo and cloud burst, and then chill in 10 minutes.
recorded in 2 sessions by chris giordani of SOARS, this music is special and never before attempted....

covers silkscreened with precision and skill by xLVACx, labels silkscreened in below freezing temps at easy subcult studio.


1. Feel The Power (frizz remix) 4:06
***SOLD OUT***

2. Stairway To Hawk Mountain 10:08
3. Sweet and Mild 10:49
4. Feel The Power (rex flakey remix) 2:36


TERRASCOPE aprill 2011 review:
"Opening with a track that even Cara said sounded like the Grateful Dead, the excellent We Have Heaven are actually composed of a wider set of influences and originality than that. In fact, “feel the Power”, the track in question just seems to have the same vibe in its hypnotic summery riff, it could equally sound like Can in its repetition, either way it starts their album “Feel the Power” album in fine style. Following on, the band get into a longer groove with “Stairway to Hawk Mountain”, a beautifully realised slice of improvised psychedelic happiness that shimmer and evolves with fluidity. As the track flows forward the tension builds around some trance like drums and liberal use of reverb and echo, guitar and violin dancing with each other with familiar ease, the track becoming a crescendo of drone and white light. Side two opens with “Sweet and Mild”, another rippling slice of joy, with a wonderful spoken intro/outro. Here the band keep it quieter and more relaxed, whilst playing a variation of the previous piece, the music flowing and drifting ina calmer way that is equally effective. Finally, a shorter re-mix of “Feel the Power” ends the album and the grateful Dead come back to mind, well, to Cara and I, at least. A fine album, particularly side two, which I can see becoming a summer favourite." ---

Sold Out