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The LAST CLEAN DIRTY SHIRT collection (limited run First Edition)

a collection of writing from the east coast of the USA to Paris, France. Last Clean Dirty Shirt features lots of poems and long works of fiction by American TypeWriter affiliated authors, who are some of the finest heads putting words to paper right now:

Jon Vance (MOSS ICON), Antonia Klimenko, Matthew Wascovich (SCARCITY OF TANKS), David Barnes (SPOKEN WORD PARIS), Dan Sevem, Colin Seven (UNIVERSAL ORDER OF ARMAGEDDON), Eric de Jesus (WE HAVE HEAVEN), Anney E.J. Ryan, Tony Alberto Rigetinni (SPOKEN WORD PARIS), David Parise, Jayne Amara Ross (FAREWELL POETRY), James Jewell (THE WORMS), Lindsay Raspi and Michael Rimm (timeless Kutztown legend).
packaged pretty with a japanese style 'obi' around the book keeping it snug.

pre-order First Edition now, to ensure you get one (or 3)!!!!!
release date is 04/01/2014.

perfect bound, 108 pages, soft cover, 100% portable (stick it in yr pocket. take it with you. read it wherever and whenever)


American Typewriter Press

here's a little commercial to peak yr interest:


and, here's some info on some of the folks:

Jon Vance

Matthew Wascovich

David Barnes

Jayne Amara Ross

Tony Alberto Rigettini

Anney EJ Ryan

Colin Seven

Eric de Jesus