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ISLANDS IN THE SUN by Eric de Jesus


Excerpts and unfinished stories. like islands poking out of the sea in a way, hinting at much more underneath the surface. And they are all set on islands.
This little book is a limited first edition of 250 for upcoming Paris trip, to dig the 50th anniversary of Mai '68! And so to celebrate, shipping to France is FREE for the month of May!

Islands In The Sun features: excerpts from Hermione The Seagull and Cardinals, Moon And Summerland (novels in progress) + the liner notes written for the INDIAN SUMMER discography LP on Adagio 830 records (Berlin Germany) + unfinished stories and story ideas that may, one fine day, soon perhaps, get finished and published.

Eric de Jesus is the author of We Won't Be Here Forever (Brooklyn & Kutztown)
The cover art is by the painter Zoe Wright (Brooklyn, NY)

35 pages, perfect bound with color cover, and a protective obi band around the book